The new standard in key control

LokiTime is an easy-to-use key control cloud service designed for organisations of different sizes.
It is ideal for issuing and managing all types of loanable items, such as keys, access IDs and work equipment.

Easy as 1-2-3

Easy as 1-2-3 Easy as 1-2-3

Why choose LokiTime Key Control?

Stay in control of your keys

The keys are issued using LokiTime tablet application. A digitally signed key issuance agreement (PDF) is generated and saved in our cloud. You will always know who has the keys and if the keys have not been returned in time.

Works with all your keys

LokiTime is a stand alone product and works with any key or key cabinet. It is also suitable for parcels and borrowable items. Our smart technology helps you keep track of all your keys and agreements and ensures constant self auditing.

Super easy to use

Getting started with LokiTime is quick and easy – all you need is your computer, an Android tablet and internet connection. The key issuance process is automated and requires no training beforehand. So simple anyone can use it.

Shared use

LokiTime is suitable for property owners as well as shared use between Locksmith, Property Maintenance and Real Estate Manager. All parties have the same, real-time, information of every key and building in the system.

Save time and money

Save valuable time and money on contractor call-out charges, re-serializations and replacement keys. LokiTime helps you get rid of laborious manual processes and stacks of papers enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Data protected

Only key and personal data that is necessary for the use of the service is stored in LokiTime. Nothing else.

Download the free key control guide!

Does your job or your company’s operations involve managing keys? Download the free guide to learn everything you need to know about key control in a nutshell. The guide also features easy five-step instructions on how to digitalise key control.

Download the guide!
Benefit from LokiTime Key Control

How many properties do you manage?

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Euros saved per year


Work hour given back to your staff every year

The above estimates are based on an average number of keys per property and time and money spent dealing with misplaced and lost keys.

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