See how our customers are using LokiTime Key Control.
Mall of Tripla

Case Mall of Tripla

Mall of Tripla, the largest shopping centre in the Nordic countries, was faced with the challenge of finding an electronic system for tenants and other stakeholders to sign for keys and for key management. LokiTime offered the perfect solution to the problem...READ MORE

Case Village Works

Case Village Works

Controlled growth requires the right kind of digital tools and lean processes. That is why Village Works chose Sowellus as their partner for key management...READ MORE

Mika Tanskanen - CityCon

Case Koskikeskus

Shopping Centre Koskikeskus, owned and managed by Citycon, got rid of paperwork in key management and was able to improve customer satisfaction significantly...READ MORE

Kruunuasunnot Oy

Case Kruunuasunnot Oy

We spoke with Eero Puranen, the Property Manager of Kruunuasunnot Oy and Pirkko Hietamies, the Real Estate Secretary about their experiences of using LokiTime...READ MORE